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Pictorial sources on Asian arms and armor

Asian arms in Dutch master paintings

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... and it is not even a weapon!

I bought this years ago, off a gentleman who had found it at a flea market in France. It's an octagonal measuring stick, 78.4cm long in…

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Literally "skull splitter", more widely known as kabutowari; "helmet splitter…
The Yagami school were excellent carvers of iron, known for their 1000 monkey…
A small pointy Bhutanese dagger in a silver scabbard of a style associated with…
Fine work and one of the very few enamelled tsuba by this maker.
In the style of a Malay keris panjang.
Exceptionally large pierced iron guard for a Chinese yidao; "virtuous saber".
With all silver construction, including the blade.
Japanese sword guard depicting three wise monkeys conveying the message see no…