Language: Ifugao
Source: Batad Ifugao dictionary


Allūbung is the Ifugao word for a woven rattan covering on the upper part of a spear or javelin shaft, or the covering of the entire handle of a knife.1


In the literature

"A woven rattan handle covering, on the upper part of a spear shaft near the head or covering the entire handle of a bolo, hanggap, or knife, uwah.

The covering of a spear handle is a band about 7 - 10 cm. wide; on a bolo or knife, it covers the entire handle. Oozing sap of the būlon tree, lotan di būlon is painted on the rattan covering to seal and preserve it from water penetration."2


Allūbung on a hinālung hilt.
Mandarin Mansion inventory 2022.





1. Sil Philippines Languages entry allūbng.
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Rare double-edged shortsword of the Ifugao of northern Luzon.


Of classic shape, with a leaf-shaped blade on a socket, connected by a cast bronze base.


With fine twist-core pamor and carved wooden scabbard.


Blade marked with VOC Amsterdam monogram, and the year 1769.


With Dutch VOC blade, marked with the Amsterdam monogram.


This peculiar sword was used by the Garo people of Assam for fighting, clearing the jungle, and animal…