Very good 18th century katar
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Overall length

44 cm

Blade length

21.7 cm

Blade thickness

Base 4.5 mm

Middle 4.5 mm

Reinforced tip 10 mm

Blade width

Base 74 mm

Middle 46 mm


691 grams


Rajasthan, North India


Iron, wootz steel, gold


18th century


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A rather fine katar of the 18th century. It features a strong blade of wide proportions with a sunken panel, exhibiting a bold and high contrast wootz pattern. At the base of the blade is chiseled a stylized flower, the quality of the carving is exquisite.

The hilt with two slightly swollen handlebars sprouting from square bases. Its surface entirely damascened in two tones of gold. The work is very fine, much finer than usually encountered.

In fair condition. Some losses to the gold, see photos. Blade in very good condition.

An impressive piece with a strong presence, exhibiting fine workmanship.




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